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Engineered Panels For Buses, Motor Coaches, Light Rail Cars, And Boats

dB-Ply® Bus 

dB-Ply® Bus 

Vibration and noise reducing acoustical panel for buses, coaches, shuttles, limousines 

Bus Panel NT 

Bus Panel NT 

Engineered panel for transit buses, motor coaches, and light rail cars

dB-Ply® Marine 

dB-Ply® Marine 

Noise reducing acoustical panel for boats 

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Specialty wood panels cut and milled to fit final designs – delivered completely profiled and pre-drilled requiring minimal on line preparation

prior to application of final floor covering products

Damped Ply-metal

High Density Polyethelene Laminate

Structural Bus Floor


If you need to reduce noise, dB-Ply® dampens vibration and sound transmission at least ten times better than conventional plywood

Panel Dampening Performance graphPanel Dampening Performance graph

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