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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the cost of LTP vs. a 4x4 PT Wood Post?

Approximately 2-3x ($9-$12 Wood vs.  $30-$36 LTP)

What is the warranty on this product?

Limited Lifetime for Residential installations (Non-Transferrable), 20 years for Commercial installations

What sizes do you have?

Available in 6ft, 7ft, 7 ½ft, 8ft, 9ft, 10ft, 11ft, 12ft in both Black & Galvanized finishes

Can you cut the post off, like a wood post, after you set them in concrete?

Not recommended. Definitely NOT if you are planning to use the Top Rail bracket. Steel posts NEED to be set to the proper height during installation.

Is there a Top/Bottom to your Post?

No, the ends of our posts are identical. Therefore, the Top Rail bracket can be attached to either end. Suggested to install the Top Rail bracket prior to setting in concrete, so you can ensure the proper height overall.

Is the Lifetime Steel Post stronger than wood posts?

Yes, the Lifetime Steel Post can withstand hurricane force winds and is much stronger than wood posts.

Will the Lifetime Steel Post Rot, Warp, Splinter or Bend?


Can I use standard pressure treated (PT) 2x4 Rails with your Post?


Can I set my Top Rail (2x4) on top of the Posts to support the weight of the fence sections?

Yes, other steel posts do NOT have the patented feature.

Rails often fail because the screws pull out or the wood warps, how do I avoid that issue with your Post?

Two ways. First, our post will not rot or warp. Second, we have an optional ‘hurricane clip’ that gives your rails more Lateral and Vertical strength for extra piece of mind and long term performance.

The profile of your post is so slim, will it hold in the concrete securely?

Yes. Our patented hurricane clip ‘key holes’ serve as concrete anchors as they are set in concrete, along with the rail screw holes on the outer edge of the flange.

How deep do you recommend the post to be installed in the ground?

We recommend a minimum of 2ft in concrete, in ground. Your local regulations may call for something different, your contractor will know what are the local guidelines. If you are installing our posts yourself, check with a local fence company prior to purchasing your posts.

Where can I purchase either the Black Powder Coat Posts or your Galvanized Posts in the USA?

Many Fence distributors, Fence Contractors, and National Fence & Building material retailers either stock our posts, or have access to purchase our posts on your behalf. To find out inventory that's closest to you, please contact us at 800-547-5877.

Do you recommend to nail or use screws to attach the rails to your Posts, or to attach the Pickets to the Rails?

We recommend using screws for both applications. In fact, we have 500 pc tubs for sale which you can find by searching for LTP 10004 (Black Head screws) or LTP 10005 (Galv. Head screws). They are #8 and are 1.25” in length, lath style screws.