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Lucky Dog Poop Bags LifestyleLucky Dog Poop Bags Lifestyle
Lucky Dog Poop Bags LifestyleLucky Dog Poop Bags Lifestyle
Lucky Dog Poop Bags LifestyleLucky Dog Poop Bags Lifestyle

Lucky Dog® Poop Bags

Frequently Asked Questions


Why is it important to pick up dog poop?

Golden rule applies here. Big time, because we’ve all had missteps that have left us hopping around on one foot at some point in our lives. Also, poop just stinks…particularly when it’s allowed to get in waterways. In fact, dog poop contributes to roughly 30% of pollutants and bacteria found in the nation’s water, so sacking the stink is a wonderful way to be a great neighbor and steward of our environment.

Are Lucky Dog® Poop Bags really leak proof?

Absolutely! In fact, Lucky Dog® Poop Bags exceed performance standards. At 17 microns thick, Lucky Dog® Poop Bags are built so that you never have to experience breaks or leaks. Other bags proudly claim they are thicker by design, but thicker means more material and energy to manufacture. Lucky Dog® Poop Bags thickness is optimized for performance and balanced to minimize energy, water, and materials required to produce for the benefit of the environment. 

Do your Lucky Dog® Poop Bags include a plastic or cardboard core?

Lucky Dog® Poop Bags do not contain a wasteful and unnecessary center core. Some bags contain a recycled core, but Lucky Dog® Poop Bags are built to maximize the resources utilized in manufacturing and production of materials, because we care about the environment.

What is the primary vegetable used in Lucky Dog® poop bags?

Lucky Dog® Poop Bags are made from a resin derived from renewable raw materials, mainly non-GMO corn starch and natural plasticizers directly derived from starch (i.e. sorbitol and glycerol) along with compostable and biodegradable polyesters (PBAT). The bag composition also includes benign/inert minerals that come from color pigments, chalk or talc used to control stickiness of films and to help make the bags easy to open.

Lucky Dog® Poop Bags seem easier to open. Why?

Because Lucky Dog® Poop Bags are made from a vegetable based resin, there’s none of the traditional plastic static cling.

Do Lucky Dog® Poop Bags expire?

Lucky Dog® Poop Bags have a 12 to 18 month shelf life depending on the humidity of your region. Because they aren’t composed of the same materials as traditional plastic bags, Lucky Dog® Poop Bags will eventually naturally degrade and not perform as originally designed. Store Lucky Dog® Poop Bags in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. Warm, humid environments or direct moisture can reduce their shelf life.